The Bubbles were there long before there was gaming on mobile phones. But with games like "bubble shooter", "bubble destroy" and "bubble match" everybody got to meet the bubbles. But only a few know that the bubbles are no items but creatures themselves. Funny beings. Now you can take revenge with the bubbles and play several titles containing the bubbles

Zigzag Driver

Obviously in Zigzag Driver the goal is to drive in a zig zag down the road and through the jungle of magic mushrooms. So the question is: how far can you go? And how much money can you collect? Meet Mr. Bubble, Bubbleina, Kitty and Horsey for a one of a kind driving experience.

Bubble Volley

Play volley ball with your favorite Bubbles. Mr. Bubble, Bubbleina, Bubble-Mc-Cool, Kitty, Horsey and many more help you to win against the computer - or against your best friend.

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